Total cash management in real-time

Many businesses, hotels and restaurants included, do not consider the time and resources dedicated on a regular basis to cash handling and processing. And rarely do organizations have a complete understanding of how many times cash is handled internally. With Prosegur cash management solutions you will have peace of mind knowing all your transactions are promptly and securely managed, with minimal supervision and maximum ease.

Prosegur Cash

Prosegur offer end-to-end to reduce cash handling, reconciliation errors and WH&S risks to staff. Once your cash is received into our KwikBank device, it is electronically transferred into your bank account. This means your cash is secure, your cash-flow increases, your risk to staff decreases and you could potentially save substantially on insurance premiums!

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At Prosegur we realise every company is different. This is why we undertake a detailed study in order to develop the cash management solution to suit your business needs.