Cash Automation Solutions

All-in-one cash collection with real-time banking

KwikBank is our range of automated till solutions. It is an all-in-one solution that will manage your cash from the moment it is entered into one of our devices, to its deposit into your nominated bank. Prosegur provide same day banking credit for cash held in our devices, so you don’t have to wait for your cash to be accepted by the bank to start receiving interest. That’s Monday-Friday every day banking.

KwikBank delivers efficiency and cash flow benefits to your business by eliminating repeated and time-consuming manual counting, shrinkage and waiting time is reduced to a minimum and all monies insured inside the device and throughout our CIT and processing services.

KwikBank range of devices will meet the needs of all cash users, from $3k to $200k per week whether they are users of cash, coin or both. 


Features and benefits include:

  • Same business-day banking
  • Fully insured, secure at your premises
  • Deposit validation
  • Full cash servicing
  • Flat fee weekly pricing, all inclusive
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Detailed reporting, customised to your business
  • Onsite training (two days for Flexi and Maxi)


As part of the KwikBank solution, Prosegur provide the following services:

  • Cash delivery and collection
  • Maintenance & helpdesk support
  • Implementation & training
  • Hardware & technology infrastructure
  • Treasury payments
Rapid Mini Rapid Coin Maxi Flexi Rapid

A high speed note deposit for smaller businesses that need to stay nimble.

The Rapid Mini takes up less space and ensures less time is spent on cash handling.










A high speed note and coin recycler for smaller businesses.

The Rapid Coin is an extension of the Rapid Mini and ensures less time is spent on cash administration.










Performs the same function as it’s little sister the Flexi, but able to handle larger volumes, 55% more coin and 96% more notes. Multiple user settings, fast till preparation and reduced risk of mistakes or shrinkage.

Ideal for recycling and till preparation.








The Flexi combines high speed coin and note recycler, for maximum efficiency. Multiple settings so each user can customise and prepare their tills quickly. Till preparation and, reconciliation done in a matter of minutes with reduced risk of mistakes or shrinkage.

Ideal for recycling and till preparation.







Perfect back office device that recycles your cash through high speed note deposit or envelope drop for soiled notes.

Smaller under-counter version also available.

Suit medium to large businesses managing $20,000 - $120,000 notes per week.