Prosegur Foundation

At Prosegur we know that our leadership should take a holistic approach, business and financial, as well as social.

Prosegur Foundation is a non-profit institution which channels Prosegur’s social and cultural action with the aim to help build a more collaborative and fairer society.

Aware of the local needs of each community, this institution carries out its own projects in those countries where Prosegur is present, focusing on the fields of education, social and labour integration of people with disability and corporate volunteer programmes.

Projects such as “Piecitos Colorados” (a commitment to Development Cooperation and Comprehensive Education), “Prosegur Talent Scholarships”, “Your Security, our Priority” or the “Labour Integration Plan for Persons with a Mental Disability”, amongst others, have benefited more than 34,690 people directly in 2013. Thanks to the collaboration of Prosegur’s staff, the Foundation can continue to develop its initiatives and reach more people every day.

For further information on Prosegur Foundation's projects, we invite you to visit the website: or download its Annual Report 2013