Over 1,000 Employees

Prosegur in Australia | A workforce of over 1,000 employees across every state in Australia - In Australia we think globally and act locally. Visit us today!

With our heritage of safety, security and certainty Prosegur Australia offers unique business solutions within Australia and globally. We offer integrated and specialised security  services, combined with the most advanced technologies, to provide the maximum  efficiency  for our clients.
With the acquisition of Chubb Security Services Pty Limited in 2013, Prosegur forged a formidable foothold in the Australasia market. We are not your average security company – we offer:

  • An integrated mix of cash and security solutions
  • Physical and automated cash management services,
  • Personalised and professional support and,
  • Minimisation of risk and overall peace of mind.


With our global partnership we benefit from our combined knowledge, expertise and resources. Prosegur globally has a dedicated team developing new technologies to provide state-of-the-art services to our clients. 

In Australia we think globally and act locally. With branches located right across Australia in all States and Territories, over 1,000 employees and our cash management services, Prosegur Australia will provide you precise, innovative solutions for seamless and secure business operations.