About you

You are in a high volume area – you have a high flow of customers or considerable foot traffic past your premises. You want to offer your customers additional services and see the financial benefits of attracting new business to your shop front and commission on ATM transactions.

ATM Supply and Services

At Prosegur we provide exceptional ATM services to both single and multiple location customers by delivering customised solutions and personalised service to a wide range of organisations and clubs including retail, gaming and hospitality.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services enables us to tailor your ATM program to reduce the challenges of managing devices and simplify cash handling processes.

Our extensive range of ATMs will suit any premises, from smaller stand-alone lobby machines to through-the-wall devices. We provide:

  • Full ATM maintenance services 7 days a week
  • ATM cash forecasting
  • ATM replenishment and reconciliation service
  • Marketing opportunities on the ATM colour screens, receipts and body of the ATM
  • National Service Centre for customer queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • On-Line web portal for logging and tracking service requests
  • Bespoke customer ATM services
  • National field support network

Prosegur services more than 5,000 ATM’s nationwide. Prosegur customers have peace of mind in the knowledge we offer insured protection, safety and readily available ATM services. We are a preferred supplier to many of Australia’s large banks, casinos and retailers.

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