Are you a high volume cash business, cash being received and given at multiple locations within your premises, and cash turnover is high?

Is the management of physical cash becoming a laborious challenge?

  • It is taking an increasing amount of staff time – time away from assisting customers
  • It is exposing staff to risk as they are moving cash across unsecured areas of your premises 
  • It is exposing the business to risk of theft or other loss
  • There are potential inefficiencies in your cash processes, because while cash management is important to your business, it isn’t a core strength

Cash management solutions

Prosegur recognises that every business is different. While we provide end-to-end cash solutions for a variety of businesses, we don’t take a standard approach. We work closely with you to customise a solution for your business, the physical location and the operational environment.

Regain your valuable time and resources. Our skilled staff are onsite to manage all aspects of your cash processing, from gaming clearance, vault management and float preparation in minimal servicing time. Cash collection, reconciliation and you receive the benefits of next (business) day banking.  Our gaming clients see an improvement in staffing resources, cash and security processes and cash flow.

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